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We moved underneath the castle when the war broke out. I was told that King Asaroth was trying to expand his kingdom past the borders of our shared land. The messanger told us that he would not sit and talk with my father.
Mom, Theriot and Selena and I had to share three rooms, and one bathroom, something Theriot and I were not used to. Mom and Salena just laughed at us. I almost had a stroke when I saw the size of my room! There was a large kitchen, and Mom was really happy to be cooking again. Our first night there, she made us her special strawberry cake with sweet buttercream icing, usually only made on Christmas or on our birthdays. Every week or so, someone would bring us food.
It was so weird moving into here. It took me a few days to remember that Lanius had given me a box. I went into my interim room and looked through the same backpack I had taken. At the bottom, I found the black and white box.
Inside was a shiny, sleak black cell phone and it's changer. Also in the box was
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A few hours later, the council disbanded and went to back to their kingdoms. Lanius snuck a kiss to me before he left.
I blushed and whispered to him, "14 sunrises from now. Who will marry us?"
"My priest. I'll make sure he doesn't tell my dad." He kissed me again and I smiled.
"I love you, Lanius."
"I love you too, Skiyo."
"Go before you get in trouble. Make sure to call me at nine o'clock."
Lanius wrapped his arms around me and smiled. "I will. Kiss me again."
My arms went around his neck and I pressed my lips against his.
"Lanius!" I heard his father call, loking for him. My hands pressed against his chest and I softly pushed him away. "Lanius, if you get in trouble, I will not meet you in 14 sunrises. Come back soon, please. I love you."
He kisses me one more time the
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My father gathered the other two kings in the area for a meeting regarding Theriot's wedding.
King Calrick III has no children. He has no wife, and as far as I know, he is in his mid-forties. His brown hair has light grey streaks running through it. On his old, weathered face, he had a scar running across his left eye; he hardly had it open. His clothes were green and brown. It was a military uniform, I suppose. I'm not too familiar with them. Wars happened before my great-great-grandparent's time. King Calrick sat next to King Asaroth, and next to him sat Lanius.
King Asaroth, (Uncle Rothy, as I knew him when I was younger) had stony black hair. He was a funny character, usually theatrical in his ways. When Theriot and I were younger, he would alway
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Hannah Plank
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Hi~ :O
I'm Hannah.

Current Residence: Erbos {Hades palace}
Favorite Artist: :iconminami-uzumaki: <--------Her~ :iconrenjifangirl: <-----And Her :3 :iconbarnaby24: :D<------I really like her stuff, i wanna draw like her~
Favourite genre of music: Anything, but very little rap and country. No Gospal or Christain music
Favourite photographer: Me, of course! ^~^
Favourite style of art: abstract
Operating System: PC
MP3 player of choice: Nextar
Shell of choice: Clams!!
Favourite cartoon character: Zexion {Kingdom Hearts}, Grell Sutcliff {Kuroshitsuji}
Personal Quote: "Yoai overload......"-expoldes-
  • Listening to: P!nk Masquerade~
  • Reading: Renda Neno (My story :D)
  • Watching: Antz
  • Playing: I'm plotting, really...
  • Eating: Brains.
  • Drinking: Brain juice.
So, if you read this whole thing, then i love you~

This is about my very first convention~

Well, this day started out very well because it was my last day of school, but I had to take all of my semester finals.
I was late to begin with because I was getting donuts with my mom, but when i got there, the power was out.
So, in the amount of time I had to take one test, I took all three of mine.
Unfortuntly, when i got home, the power was out there and my mom said we couldn't leave until it came bhack on. After texting a friend and finding out it would be 2am when it came back on, we left for Dallas :D
I got to my best friend's house about 7 :D
One of my other friends was at her house too~
So, after the three of us at, we went next door to complete our party.
The three of us hung out and went to bed at about.....2? Sounds right.

Oh my god, this was the BEST DAY!!
We all woke up at about....7 or 8ish and started getting ready.
My best friend cosplayed as Amaimon from Ao No Exorcist
Our friend who was at her houe was Makise from Steins;Gate
The last friend whose house we stayed at was Menma from AnoHana
As for myself, I am Alois from Kuroshitsuji II
We wait for the taxi, which we all know is going to be super awkward.
And, oh it was.
So, after about 45 minutes of that, we get to the con and go in our respective lines to get registered. I didn't get mine online, so i had to do onsite registration while the rest of my group went into the online group. D:
It was about 2 hours of standing in tranny boots :C
I did get to take a few pictures, though.
One with Boris from Heart no Kuni no Alice (I got photobombed by a tea pot D:)
And one with a very nice looking Ciel :D
So, after that, i got my pass and went to find my friends, who were still in line (XD) But i really only wait about ten minutes for them.
So, pretty much the first thing we do is go to the dealers room, which is pretty freaking sweet.
If you've never been to A-Kon, then the dealer's room is a land of wonder, amazment and awesomeness.
They have pocky and ramune and gum and all sorts of things~
It was amazing.
I took a picture of a Grell from Kuro, a Lady Gaga, a Bill was near the door and i stopped at the Yaoi table because the worker was wearing hot pink, the word 'yaoi' all over him and was shirtless.
So, after we look at the j-rock pictures (and got Amaimon to call Takeru from SuG sexy xD) we walked on.
Ok, so our friend who was dressed as Menma usually wears glasses, but she wasn't today.
So, we're just walking around the dealer's room....just chillng when someone very familar walks by.
Menma looks and says:
"You guys, was that Vic Mignogna?"
If you don'tknow who that is, here's his wikipedia page:…
So, we're like "Pssh, no! He's a celebrity, why would he just be piddiling around the dealer's room?"
So, he turns, and sure enough it freaking is!!
Amaimon is like, "No, you guys. Don't run up to him!"
But Menma and I are already over there.
He smiles and we ask him for a hug and photo.
Menma is on his right side and his hand is on her arm.
I'm crouched in front of him next to Amaimonand Makise is right next to him on his left side.
So, he smiles again and says he has to go to an autograph session.
As he walks off, I gather a shit ton of courage and ask him for a kiss on the cheek.
Vic Mignogna, being him leans over and softly kisses my left cheek then walks off.
My mouth his hanging open and I go back to my group.
My knees are shaking, my heart is beating fast and I feel like I'm going to pass out from excitement.
The rest of my group pretty much feels the same way.
So, we need to sit down, and we go out into the hall and just chill, take a few deep breaths and calm down.
Meanwhile, i notice this boy with blond hair and purple skinny jeans. He looks upset and kinda depressed.
Oh, did i ever tell you guys I LOVE taking pictures with cute boys?
So he moves and I ask to take a picture with him.
He's kinda confused, and agrees. After i take my picture I tell him i like taking pictures with cute boys~
He smiles and is glad i told him that.
So, the two of us talk for a little bit, exchange numbers and he leaves.
After that, me and my 3 other friends goto Quinton Flynn's panel.
We get in line and one of the workers is making us do the wave. It's super fun and after a little bit, we file into the room and wait for him.
If you don't know who he is, here is Quinton Flynn's wikipedia page:…
So, we sit down, just wait.
A few people around the room say things like:
"When i say Hillshire, you say farm!
Go meat!"
"Red Robin!
"What time is it?
And then, it happens.
Someone starts singing the Pokemon theme song xDD
So, like a room of 300 fans are singing, and we're all waiting for him.
After a moment, he comes in and we all cheer.
He shows the short he was in called "A Hard Day's Day" the life of a Beatles tribute band x3
A bunch of people ask questions and this one chick gives him some alcohol.
After a bit, he calls on me.
I stand up, so he can hear me, and so everyone can look at me.
Remember: I'm in Alois cosplay.
I say: "It's obvious you love your fans, but what would you do if i were to ask you for a photo, a hug and a kiss on the cheek?"
The crowd 'Woooos"
and he says:
"Well, i'd have to, right?"
So, I have his word after the panel to go and do so :D
After the panel, I go up there and get my hug, photo and kiss on the cheek. Opposite side of Vic Mignogna's~
After that, we go to the opening ceremonies, which is pretty funny. They tell us if we all pick up our chairs, then we get to go into the concert early :D
Tralalala, after waiting in line (And our Menma not feeling well, so she goes sit down) we go into the concert hall and wait for AYABIE :D
Amaimon and Makise weren't going to go to AYABIE's concert, because they didn't really like them, but appernly decided, "What the Hell? Why not?"
It was their first concert, too~
So, we soon figure out that AYABIE is pretttttty amazing~ And i got some good pictures.
Yumehito,l the lead singer, is making us do all these cute vocal things while the guitarist...or maybe the bassist......No, i think it was the bassist, Intetsu is having issues.
Yumehito was super cute and just adoribble.
Amaimon and Makise decided that they like AYABIE now, because they were listening to their old stuff with the old singer.
It's about 10:30 pm, and we were supposed to be picked up already, and the second band -OZ- hasn't come out yet.
We wait. And wait. Wait some more.
Meanwhile, i managed to rip my shorts ._."""
11pm, they come out like bosses.
Amaimon and Makise spazz and I'm like, "Ooooh~"
I hadn't listened to -OZ- before this, but Amaimon told me what they were like.
The lead singer, Natsuki, comes out in a long black jacket, black gloves and a shiny shirt. He has lace ribbon over his eyes, which just made him look sexy <3
They start playing and we all start to jam out. I'm not really moving much, because I feel like I'm going to pass out.
I don't feel well, then I go sit down for a little bit.
Hey, not eating much and not drinking a lot of water and standing in hooker boots takes a lot out of you.
I just sat down for a little, then I made my way back to the crowd.
Natsuki has taken his jacket, gloves and shirt off at this point and the ribbon was lost after his first song.
he decided to go all awesome and sexy and crowd surfs. He's just laying there, chilling and singing as the crowd holds him.
Amaimon and Makise aren't that far from him and want to touch him xD But, he gets back on the stage.
Oh, there was also this dude by us trying to summon demons or something. He was freaky.
So, -OZ- thanks everyone and goes off stage.
What happens next? Everyone starts chanting "Encore" and "OZ" and about 10 minutes later, they come back on and reprise "Stigma"
They go off again and everyone starts chanting "Arigatou!"
It's about 1 am now, and we get picked up by Amaimon's dad.
Gooooood, we were soooo tired!
I got back to her house and tossed my damn boots away.
We decided that we were just going to go in our street clothes Saturday.

Oh man. We woke up at about 10 and got to the convention at about 11.
We got there and i bought my -OZ- t-shirt, then we went into the line :D
They started signing autograhps at about 2:30
They walked out, abd everyone began to cheer.
They stuck their hands out and everyojne high fived them.
Except for Zukki. That poor baby was so tired!!
So, the line moved pretty fast and soon, it was time for me to get my shirt signed.
I went in, and I greeted Natsuki :D
He was super hotter close up!
He took my hands and I told him the concert was awesome and I loved it, then i blew him a kiss, and he blew me one back. Next was Aki, and when I got to him, he blew me a kiss first x33
So, the band members signed the shirt and blew me kisses after i blew them~
Except, Zukki wasn't there D:
We think he got tired and went to sleep under the table.
So, for the rest of the con, we just kinda piddled around and at about 8pm, we went back to our hotel.
We stayed on the 17th floor, and our room was awesome!!
Makise and I went swimming, while Amaimon and Menma just chilled. We went back to the hotel room and took showers, WHICH FELT AMAZING!
For the rest of the night, the four of us were just chilling and fangirling, saying stuff like "Oh, we're gonna wake up and Natsuki is gonna be on the window, just hovering!" And about Makise's piegon dating game, which I hear is pretty fun x3
Amaimon, Makise and I all set loud alarms on our phones for about 7:45am and then we all went to sleep.
Our alarms go off with super loud songs, and all of us jolted awake like in a movie.
They get their costumes on, and since i left mine at Amaimon's house, I just wear normal clothes.
We get to the con at about 9:30, there's really nothing to do, and today we decided to get AYABIE's autograph, since we like them xD
And, because there was nothing to do, we started the line xDD
The signing wasn't until 11:30, so we sat there for 2 hours. Just chilling.
They came out, and they didn't have a lot of enegry, but it was okay.
We met all of them, and I blew kisses, even though I didn't have anything to get signed. They were super nice.
We just piddled around the rooms again, checking everything out.
At about 2pm, we decided to leave and waited for Amaimon's dad to pick us up.
Meanwhile, we get interviewed for the website :D It was pretty cool~
They, her dad got us, we dropped off Makise and after we got to her house, Menma went home and I chilled with her until my mom came.

And that's preeety much all of it :D
Yuuuup, so if you ever want to go to a convention, I think you should go, and bring friends :D

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I was wondering the same thing D: I haven't heard from her in months ;-; I'll try asking her other friend, though
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Another trip around the sun

And the whole clan gathers round
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And we let out a joyful sound
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Happy birthday!
Now you're one year older
Happy birthday!
Your life still isn't over
Happy birthday!
You did not accomplish much
But you didn't die this year
I guess that's good enough

So let's drink to your fading health
And hope you don't remind yourself
your chance of finding fame and wealth
Decrease with every year

Does it feel like you're doing laps
And eating food and taking naps
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Your life will hold some cheer

Happy birthday!
What have you done that matters?
Happy birthday!
You're starting to get fatter
Happy birthday!
It's downhill from now on
Try not to remind yourself
Your best years are all gone

If cryogenics were all free
Then you could live like Walt Disney
And live for all eternity
Inside a block of ice

But instead your time is set
This is the only life you get
And though it hasn't ended yet
Sometimes you wish it might

Happy birthday!
You wish you had more money
Happy birthday!
Your life's so sad it's funny
Happy birthday!
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Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, dear HANNAH :D :D :D
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